Marlowe, Private Eye: season 1

Marlowe-Private-EyePowers Boothe starred in this 1980s TV show that took Raymond Chandler’s early pulp stories and replaced their original protagonists with the detective from his later novels. The brainchild of British writer-producer-director David Wickes, the first season was made in the UK with extensive location shooting in California, while the second season relocated entirely to Toronto, necessitating an almost complete change in cast and crew other than Boothe and his producer. The following is a look at the first series. N.B. When the rights were sold to HBO for screening in America, they added the detective’s first name to the title, but it’s otherwise the same show.

The following review is offered for Tuesday’s Overlooked Film meme over at Todd Mason’s Sweet Freedom blog; Katie’s 2014 Book to Movie Challenge at Doing Dewey (for links, click here); and Bev’s 2014 Golden Age Vintage Mystery Challenge.
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James-Shroud_sphereEasier to admire than to like, this was the fourth of PD James’ series featuring her detective, Adam Dalgliesh. It is set in a nursing school and, at considerable length and in great detail, anatomises the lives of the female students and teachers and the buried secret that will result in four deaths.

“For God’s sake don’t start being sentimental about death. The indignity is that we die at all, not what happens to our bodies”

I submit this review for Katie’s 2014 Book to Movie Challenge at Doing Dewey; Bev’s 2014 Silver Age Vintage Mystery Challenge; and Patti Abbott’s Friday’s Forgotten Books meme, today coralled by Todd Mason over at his blog, Sweet Freedom.

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Circus of Fear (1966) – Tuesday’s Overlooked Film

Circus_of_Fear_FilmPosterChristopher Lee and Klaus Kinski co-star in this Anglo-German whodunit marketed as a sensational Edgar Wallace thriller. Some sources claim the story of bank robbers hiding out with a travelling circus was based on Wallace’s The Three Just Men, while others credit a short story, ‘The Man Without a Face.’ If truth be told, one imagines this is pretty much an ‘original’ by producer Harry Alan Towers. We begin with an elaborate heist sequence …

I submit this review for Tuesday’s Overlooked Film meme hosted by Todd Mason over at Sweet Freedom.

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THE TAMARIND SEED (1971) by Evelyn Anthony

Anthony-Tamarind-sphereEvelyn Anthony (pen-name of Evelyn Ward-Thomas) turned 86 this month. She began writing historical romances in the Coronation year of 1953 but by the late 1960s had switched to topical suspense mixed with romance. The Tamarind Seed is a perfect example of her approach, a tale of Cold War espionage where a Russian agent falls in love with a British counterpart – will they make it?

I submit this review for Katie’s 2014 Book to Movie Challenge at Doing Dewey (for review links, click here); Bev’s 2014 Silver Age Vintage Mystery Challenge; and  Patti Abbott’s Friday’s Forgotten Books meme over at her fab Pattinase blog, 

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Book to Movie Challenge – quarterly update

BTM2-poster3This year I am co-hosting the Book to Movie Challenge run by Katie over at Doing Dewey. The premise is simple – review both a book and the movie or TV adaptation made from it – there are 5 levels:

Movie Fan – review 3 books and their movies
Movie Devotee – 6 books and their movies
Movie Lover – 9 books and their movies
Movie Aficionado – 12 books and their movies
Movie Auteur – 24 books and their movies

Here is how we have been doing in Quarter 2:

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Going walkabout

Fedora will be going ‘dark’ for the next few weeks while I attend to other pressing (non mysterious) business here and overseas.

Hope to see you all again in mid July.


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My Favourite Mystery Books

Spurred on by Roger Sobin of Poisoned Pen Press I have been revisiting my list of Top 100 Mystery Books, which for far too long only got as far as my top 84! I am now much nearer to the century I was aiming for – indeed there is one slot left and I would love to know what would be the best book to fill it. To see the list, click on the link below or the tab on the site banner.

Sergio’s Top 100 Mystery Books


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