Callan is back … on audio

Callan, the classic spy drama television series from the Sixties, returns with a star-studded cast in brand new audio adaptations from Big Finish Productions. Ben Miles stars as the titular Callan, with Frank Skinner joining him as small-time thief Lonely.

Followers of this blog will now just how happy I will be to report that the Big Finish production company, purveyors of many fine audio dramas such as Sherlock Holmes, The Prisoner and Jago and Litefoot (as well as the official audio spinoffs for Doctor Who, Dark Shadows, Blake’s 7 and many more).

Although not out until the Summer of 2018, the first volume of four 60-minute audio plays, can be pre-ordered from Big Finish here. It will comprise:

1.1 File on a Deadly Shot
Callan goes hunting for an assassin

1.2 File on a Classy Club
The stakes are high for Callan when he takes on a gang using a casino for cover

1.3 File on a Harassed Hunter
There’s a plot to assassinate Hunter and the man behind it murdered his daughter

1.4 File on an Awesome Amateur
Callan and Meres are sent to Venice to kidnap a Russian poet

In addition to Ben Miles and Frank Skinner, Nicholas Briggs will plays The Section’s boss, codenamed Hunter, while Jane Slavin is Liz, the efficient Section secretary.

The series is based on short stories by Callan creator James Mitchell, adapted for audio by his son Peter Mitchell. The original stories are available from Ostara in their Ostara Originals range – I previously reviewed them here: Callan Uncovered and Callan Uncovered 2.




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10 Responses to Callan is back … on audio

  1. Colin says:

    That’s interesting. And Skinner is a neat piece of casting.

  2. Margot Kinberg says:

    Glad to hear it, Sergio, and thanks for sharing. I always like it so much when those great old dramas get new life.

  3. Thom Hickey says:

    Great. I loved the original – so gritty. Regards and thanks for a year of fascinating Posts. Thom.

  4. tracybham says:

    I do know how much you like the Callan stories, Sergio. I need to get copies of the Ostara reprints of the stories.

  5. I have a Callan DVD which a sibling gave me for my birthday – still waiting to watch that…

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