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Endeavour Morse will be back

Well, this is very good indeed! News reaches Fedora that the third series of Endeavor is now officially in production. The prequel to Inspector Morse starring Shaun Evans will be set in 1967. In the words of Russell Lewis, who also wrote all … Continue reading

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Endeavour Morse will return

News reaches us at Fedora that a second series of Endeavor has now been commissioned. The show is a prequel to Inspector Morse with Shaun Evans playing the younger iteration of the character created on screen by the late John … Continue reading

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Endeavour Morse series commissioned

News reaches us at Fedora that following the screening of Endeavor in January, ITV has now commissioned a series of four feature-length films in which we will continue to follow the early career of Inspector Morse. Shaun Evans will return … Continue reading

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THE JUDGE AND HIS HANGMAN (1950) by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Originally published in German in 1950 as ‘Der Richter und sein Henker’ by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, this was the first of two books featuring Kommissar Hans Bärlach of the Berne police (they have since been collected in an omnibus volume as … Continue reading

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Top 101 Film & TV Mysteries

This is a minor milestones for Tipping My Fedora as the blog has now reached its 101st post. So, seeing as it is also my birthday today, what better way to celebrate than with a small indulgence in the company of … Continue reading

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In praise of … INSPECTOR MORSE

There are two distinct flavours of Inspector Morse – first there are the Colin Dexter series of thirteen novels (and a handful of short stories) published between 1975 and 1999; then there are the 33 feature-length episodes of the TV … Continue reading

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PLAYBACK (1958) by Raymond Chandler

“Guns never settle anything. They are just a fast curtain to a bad second act.”

Some detectives get go out in a blaze of glory like Poirot in Agatha Christie’s near-posthumous Curtain or Colin Dexter’s Inspector Morse in The Remorseful Day; more often than not though the law of diminishing returns has set in long before their final farewell. Certainly one wouldn’t want to remember Lord Peter Wimsey only through Busman’s Honeymoon or Albert Campion in The Mind Readers or John Dickson Carr for The Hungry Goblin, to name just a few. Christie it should be noted employed a particularly ingenious solution to try to bypass this problem as the novel has in fact been written over 30 years earlier – certainly, if one compares it with the final books she completed, such as Elephants Can Remember (the actual final Poirot book) or Postern of Fate, the contrast is very stark indeed so as to make one even more grateful for her foresight.

Playback (1958) is generally agreed to the be the least of Chandler’s novels, with its slender plot and small cast of characters; but on the other hand this works to its advantage in the broadcast medium as discussed in the review of the recent BBC radio version over at Audio Aficionado Continue reading

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