Books by Carter Dickson

Dickson-White-PrioryWhat follows is a bibliography of the books that John Dickson Carr published under his ‘Carter Dickson pseudonym’, featuring his detectives Sir Henry Merrivale and Colonel March.

The Bowstring Murders – 1933 (Originally published as by Carr Dickson, but Carter Dickson was later substituted.)
The Plague Court Murders (Sir Henry Merrivale) – 1934
The White Priory Murders (Merrivale) – 1934
The Red Widow Murders (Merrivale) – 1935
Dickson-Unicorn-IPLThe Unicorn Murders (Merrivale) – 1935
The Punch and Judy Murders (Merrivale) -1936 (UK title: The Magic Lantern Murders)
The Ten Teacups (Merrivale) – 1937 (US title: The Peacock Feather Murders)
The Third Bullet – 1937 (novella)
The Judas Window (Merrivale) – 1938 (alternate US paperback title: The Crossbow Murder) – click here for review.
Death in Five Boxes (Merrivale) – 1938
Drop to His Death in collaboration with John Rhode – 1939 (US title: Fatal Descent)
The Reader is Warned (Merrivale) – 1939
And So To Murder (Merrivale) – 1940
Dickson_Sketelton_Clock_PanMurder in The Submarine Zone (Merrivale) – 1940 (US title: Nine – And Death Makes Ten, aka Murder in the Atlantic) – review
Seeing is Believing (novel) (Merrivale) – 1941 (alternate UK paperback title: Cross of Murder)
The Gilded Man (Merrivale) – 1942 (alternate US paperback title: Death and The Gilded Man)
She Died A Lady (Merrivale) – 1943 – review
He Wouldn’t Kill Patience (Merrivale) – 1944
The Curse of the Bronze Lamp (Merrivale) – 1945 (UK title: Lord of the Sorcerers, 1946)
Dickson-Queer-Complaints-morrowMy Late Wives (Merrivale) – 1946
The Skeleton in the Clock (Merrivale) – 1948
A Graveyard To Let (Merrivale) – 1949
Night at the Mocking Widow (Merrivale) – 1950
Behind the Crimson Blind (Merrivale) – 1952
The Cavalier’s Cup (Merrivale) – 1953
Fear Is the Same – 1956, historical mystery

Short story collection:
The Department of Queer Complaints  (Colonel March) – 1940


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