2017 Vintage Mystery Scavenger Hunt Wrap-up

Bev over at My Reader’s Block has been hosting her vintage mystery reading challenges for much longer than I’ve been blogging and it’s been a pleasure to take part all these years.

So how did I do this year? Well I managed to review books from both the Golden (up to 1959) and Silver (1960-89) ages though, in a sign of things to come, I did far fewer than in years past. But here is what I found:


(16 books, with 3 guest posts)

I read a lot of John Dickson Carr this year and, truthfully, all of them were utterly exceptional. Biggest surprise? How much I enjoyed paperback legend Carter Brown!

DEATH IN THE CLOUDS (1935) by Agatha Christie [guest post]

THE BURNING COURT (1937) by John Dickson Carr

TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT (1937) by Ernest Hemingway

TRIAL AND ERROR (1937) by Anthony Berkeley   [guest post]

DEATH IN THE TUNNEL (1936) by Miles Burton [guest post]

NINE-AND DEATH MAKES TEN (1941) by Carter Dickson

DOUBLE INDEMNITY (1943) by James M. Cain

MINISTRY OF FEAR (1943) by Graham Greene

SHE DIED A LADY (1943) by Carter Dickson

GREEN FOR DANGER (1944) by Christianna Brand

TILL DEATH DO US PART (1944) by John Dickson Carr

WOMAN ON THE ROOF (1954) by Helen Nielsen


THE GETAWAY (1959) by Jim Thompson



(9 books)

It was great to-re-read some of the early Morse and Matt Scudder novels this year, but again the great surprises came from Stark House Press with Peter Rabe and Lou Cameron as fascinating discoveries to me.

ANGEL’S FLIGHT (1960) by Lou Cameron

The Manny deWitt trilogy by Peter Rabe

ZERO COOL (1968) by Michael Crichton


EIGHT MILLION WAYS TO DIE (1982) by Lawrence Block

THE RIDDLE OF THE THIRD MILE (1983) by Colin Dexter

SHOTGUN SATURDAY NIGHT (1987) by Bill Crider

Thanks as always Bev for hosting and for cajoling us all – it’s been a blast. Sorry not to be around for the 2018 challenge.


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18 Responses to 2017 Vintage Mystery Scavenger Hunt Wrap-up

  1. Colin says:

    That’s a pretty good haul, even if other years saw you more prolific. There was certainly no lessening of the quality, and the discussions and chats that always prove so entertaining and informative were easily as good as ever.

  2. tracybham says:

    Nice list, Sergio. Makes me want to read all of them (that I haven’t already read). I bought a copy of ANGEL’S FLIGHT after reading your post and I look forward to reading it.

  3. Margot Kinberg says:

    You had some fine reads there, Sergio. Even if you didn’t get through as many as you’d hoped, I think you had a good reading year. And that seems to be a really fun challenge, too.

  4. neeru says:

    Well done, Sergio. Haven’t heard of some of these authors. Will certainly search for their books.

  5. Bev Hankins says:

    Thanks so much for joining me over the years, Sergio. I’m sorry you won’t be filling in your detective notebook in 2018–you’ll be missed!

    I’ve had a somewhat off year in reading as well–here’s hoping we both have a good bookish year ahead.

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