Radio Plays by John Dickson Carr

AtalanteThroughout the 1940s and early 1950s John Dickson Carr wrote dozens and dozens of radio plays for the BBC in the UK and CBS in the US. Many of these were pieces of wartime propaganda and are now hard to obtain – thankfully a great many of his fabulous mysteries for audio are readily available online and in script form. Here is a list of those mysteries that I hope is comprehensive, with details of availability added where I have them. At present, what appears to be a virtually complete collection of all his radio work is only available in print in a 4-volume set in French (!) edited by Danièle Grivel and published by Atalante between 2006 and 2009 (click here for more details).


  1. Who Killed Matthew Corbin? (3-part serial), from 27-Dec-1939 to 14-Jan-1940
  2. The Devil in the Summer-House 14-Oct-1940
  3. Speak of the Devil (8-part serial), from 10-Feb-1941 to 31-Mar-1941
  4. Lord of the Witch Doctors (as by ‘Robert Southwell) 13-Sep-1941
  5. The Black Minute 18-Oct-1941
  6. The Man in the Iron Mask 5-Jan-1942
  7. Inspector Silence Takes the Underground 25-Mar-1942
  8. Death in the Dressing Room 29-Sep-1942

Suspense (CBS, 1941-61)

  1. The Burning Court 17-Jun-1942
  2. Lord of the Witch Doctors   27-Oct-1942
  3. The Devil in the Summer-House 03-Nov-1942
  4. Will You Make a Bet with Death? 10-Nov-1942
  5. Menace in Wax 17-Nov-1942
  6. The Body Snatchers 24-Nov-42
  7. The Bride Vanishes 01-Dec-42
  8. Till Death Do Us Part 15-Dec-42
  9. Nothing Up My Sleeve 05-Jan-4
  10. The Pit And The Pendulum 12-Jan-43
  11. The Devil’s Saint 19-Jan-43
  12. The Hangman Won’t Wait 09-Feb-43
  13. Will You Walk Into My Parlor? 23-Feb-43
  14. The Phantom Archer 09-Mar-43
  15. Cabin B-13 16-Mar-43
  16. The Customers Like Murder 23-Mar-43
  17. The Dead Sleep Lightly 30-Mar-43
  18. Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble 06-Apr-43
  19. Death Flies Blind 04-May-43
  20. Mister Markham, Antique Dealer 11-May-43
  21. Five Canaries in a Room 08-Jun-43
  22. The Man Without a Body 22-Jun-43

You can stream or download nearly all of these from the The Internet Archive for free from here:

DyallAppointment with Fear / The Man in Black (BBC, 1943-49, 1955)

  1. Cabin B-13 11-Sep-1943
  2. The Pit and the Pendulum, 18-Sep-43
  3. Death Flies Blind 20-Apr-44
  4. The Clock Strikes Eight, 18-May-44 (download here)
  5. Vampire Tower 11-May-44
  6. The Devil’s Manuscript 12-Oct-44
  7. Death Has Four Faces 19-Oct-44
  8. He Who Whispers 02-Nov-44
  9. The Curse of the Bronze Lamp 09-Nov-44
  10. Lair of the Devil Fish 21-Dec-44
  11. Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble 18-Sep-45
  12. Cabin B13 09-Oct-45
  13. Will You Make a Bet With Death 16-Oct-45
  14. The Case of the Five Canaries 13-Nov-45
  15. The Man Who Couldn’t Be Photographed, 26-Jul-55
  16. White Tiger Passage, 2-Aug-55
  17. The Dead Man’s Knock, 9-Aug-55
  18. The Sleuth of Seven Dials, 16-Aug-55
  19. The Villa of the Damned, 23-Aug-55
  20. Till the Great Armados Come, 30-Aug-55

Cabin-B-13Cabin B-13 (CBS, 1948-49)

  1. Razor in Fleet Street (aka ‘Bill & Brenda Leslie’ ) 05-Jul-1948 (listen here)
  2. The Man Who Couldn’t Be Photographed 12-Jul-48
  3. Death Has Four Faces 19-Jul-48
  4. The Blindfolded Knife Thrower 26-Jul-48
  5. No Useless Coffin 02-Aug-48
  6. The Nine Black Reasons 09-Aug-48
  7. The Count of Monte Carlo 16-Aug-48
  8. Below Suspicion 23-Aug-48
  9. The Power of Darkness 31-Aug-48
  10. The Footprint in the Sky 07-Sep-48
  11. The Man With the Iron Chest 14-Sep-48
  12. The Street of Seven Daggers 03-Oct-48
  13. The Dancer From Stambul 10-Oct-48
  14. Death in the Desert 17-Oct-48
  15. The Island of Coffins 24-Oct-48
  16. The Man Who Couldn’t Be Photographed 31-Oct-48
  17. The Most Respectable Murder 07-Nov-48
  18. The Curse of the Bronze Lamp 14-Nov-48
  19. The Lair of the Devil Fish 21-Nov-48
  20. The Dead Man’s Knock 28-Nov-48
  21. The Man With Two Heads 05-Dec-48
  22. The Bride Vanishes 12-Dec-48
  23. Till Death Do Us Part 19-Dec-48
  24. The Sleep of Death 26-Dec-48
  25. The Dancer From Stambul 02-Jan-49 (repeat of #13)

The Digital Deli Too –


11 Responses to Radio Plays by John Dickson Carr

  1. Thanks! Now if someone can just compile a torrent of mp3s!

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  3. Denny Lien says:

    The has produced an mp3 disc ($5 plus postage) with (pretty much?) all of the surviving JDC radio plays:

  4. Nervous Gentleman says:

    Fabulous list. Thank you. Here are a couple of excellent adaptations of John Dickson Carr stories. Both of these broadcasts are circulating on the net as mp3s.

    SNT – 59-01-10 – The Hollow Man

    SNT – 63-04-27 – Fire, Burn

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  6. What are your recommendations on where to start with the radio plays?

  7. Pingback: THE BURNING COURT (1937) by John Dickson Carr | Tipping My Fedora

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