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The Scarlet Claw (1944)

For many this is the best of the Holmes and Watson films made by Universal. It is certainly the most successful as a whodunit and possibly the darkest too. It was originally titled Sherlock Holmes in Canada and it is the only … Continue reading

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WHOSE BODY? (1923) by Dorothy L. Sayers

It has been years since I read anything by Sayers and I thought it would be interesting to go back to the debut of Lord Peter, who initially is very much presented as belonging to the ‘silly ass’ school of … Continue reading

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PHOENIX FROM THE ASHES (1961) by Hubert Monteilhet

I recently went to see Phoenix, Christian Petzold’s new film starring Nina Hoss. Despite it being rather heavy-going I found much to ponder in its strange story of lost identities in post-war Germany, but had a weird, niggling sensation that … Continue reading

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The Spider Woman (1944)

Possibly the least ‘Sherlockian’ of all the films in Universal’s Holmes and Watson series, this is also terrifically entertaining, not least for the screen-grabbing performance by Gale Sondegaard as the eponymous femme fatale. A delightful pastiche of Doyle elements filtered through … Continue reading

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This audio production is an adaptation of the 1994 novel by Andy Lane that brought  together Sherlock Holmes and, wait for it, Doctor Who. In addition there are also elements of the HP Lovecraft Cthulhu mythos too. Now, I realise … Continue reading

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Hard Eight (1996) – Tuesday’s Overlooked Film

Paul Thomas Anderson is writer and director with a very distinctive world-view and a well-established preoccupation with exploring the power of the parent-child dynamic in all its forms. Although he first came to prominence with his epic take on the … Continue reading

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The Prisoner – volume 1

This CD box (also available as a download) comprises four Spy / Science Fiction adventures reviving for audio the classic British TV show of the 1960s. Mark Elstob takes over from Patrick McGoohan as the kidnapped secret agent, while John Standing, Celia … Continue reading

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