Buon Natale 2013


This site began back in January 2011 and here we are, three years and 374 posts and 7,500 comments later. So, what have we learned this year?

Well I feel very proud that I completed Bev’s 2013 Vintage Mystery Challenge and had a great time – and this year I also undertook Katie’s Book to Movie Challenge – and it went so well that next year I am co-hosting that one (let’s hope Katie does;t regret it)! Most of us on the mystery blogosphere (or so it seemed) contributed to Todd Mason’s Tuesday’s Forgotten Film meme and remembered Forgotten Books for Patti Abbott over at Pattinase so special thanks to these fine folks for looking after us all so lovingly.

There were a few upheavals here and there, not least at Fedora, what with my moving house not once but twice but as always this year has been made very special thanks to the contributions of those generous enough to stop by and share their passion and expertise. Most especially I really must tip my cap in thanks to Colin of the fab Riding the High Country and Margot Kinberg (the exceptional and prolific blogger over at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist), both of whose support has been invaluable.

Evans-Greene-Mysteries-UnlockedCurt of The Passing Tramp this year offered me the chance to revisit my love of John Dickson Car’s radio dramas and I can’t wait to see how that turns out; Mike Ripley, whose column ‘Getting Away With Murder‘ over at Shots is a must, also supplied from wonderful Westlake books – thanks chum; John F. Norris of Pretty Sinister Books provides amazing value and we must all thank him even more than usual as, like Mike at Ostara, he is now helping to get well-deserving books republished. Locked room aficionado Pietro De Palma launched a new blog, Vanished Into Thin Air, while Patrick from At the Scene of the Crime remains the most enthusiastic blogger imaginable and has not only helped get some classic mysteries republished in e-book format but has also been spreading his wings into new and uncharted genres …Randy Johnson decided to leave Not the Baseball Pitcher after WordPress made his life just too difficult and has set up shop over at Big Daddy’s Place. I also want to send some special seasonal cheer to such fine bloggers as Prashant at Chess, Comics and Crosswords, TracyK of Bitter Tea and Mystery, Jeff (he of the amazing Kenji) of The Stalking Moon, Yvette and her evergreen in so many words …  and Neeru of a hot cup of pleasure for being so supportive. There were also some new faces on the block, most conspicuous of which was I Spy fan Kelly Robinson, who took the blogosphere by storm with Book Dirt.

As always, special Christmas thanks to PuzzleDoctor of In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel and the eponymous hostess of  Mrs P Investigates as they inspired me to start Fedora – I owe them tremendous thanks.

As my final sign-off, here’s a clip from that Christmas perennial White Christmas directed in VistaVision by the great Michael Curtiz that reminds me of my fantabulous twin nieces:

Hope to see you round in 2014 from mid January onwards.


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40 Responses to Buon Natale 2013

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Sergio – Thank you so much for the kind words. And well-done on so many fine posts. I learn from you each time you post. I look forward to learning even more in 2014. ‘Till then, Buon Natale and I wish you all the best now and always.

  2. Sergio, thank you very much for the honours. It’s very kind of you and your addictive blog. I wish you and your family a wonderful festive season and another great year of blogging in 2014. I wonder what delectable treats you have in store for us next year!

  3. Colin says:

    Sergio, you’ve brought a lot of pleasure and information to myself and other readers over the course of 2013 – well done and thanks.

    Thanks too for mentioning me, and all the other good people who stop by your site. Have a great Christmas and New Year. Καλές γιορτές

  4. Todd Mason says:

    No rest for the wizened, but thanks for the kind reference…and for all your contributions and thoughtful commentary (not solely to Tuesday’s A/V) over the years…

  5. TracyK says:

    Sergio, thanks for the mention and thanks for the clip. Vera Ellen is a favorite for her tap dancing skills. I am a fan of musicals but especially those with tap dancing.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. I don’t think I have mentioned that we purchased the first season of I Spy and are now about 75% through the episodes, sprinkling them in among the TV and movies we watch. And our purchase was motivated by your post on the series. My son and I complain that Bill Cosby is featured less than Robert Culp, but we enjoy the shows nonetheless.

    See you in January.

  6. John says:

    As I’ve said before you’re a gent and a scholar. Yes, you are. Your film reviews alone prove that. They knock my socks off, frankly. Thanks for the nod above. Onward and upward in 2014!

  7. neer says:

    Thanks for the mention,Sergio.Very kind of you. It’s always a pleasure to read your posts. And the clip was very good.

    Here’s wishing you a Merry X’Mas and a Happy New Year.

  8. karabekirus says:

    Buon Natale Sergio, and thank you for one of the best blogs in the field. You are erudite, and considerate in your replies. May your fedora hat shine longer.

  9. Jeff Flugel says:

    Belated season’s greetings, Sergio, and many thanks for the kind shout-out above! The energy, style and enthusiasm you bring to your blog is always impressive, as is your productivity. Looking forward to reading many more great posts from you in 2014. Happy New year, mate!

  10. Kelly says:

    Thanks for the nod. I appreciate it so much. It’s hard to get noticed when an I SPY character stole your name. Looking forward to another year of great posts.

  11. Bev Hankins says:

    Sergio, thanks much for the Vintage Challenge plug above (have you posted and linked your wrap-up? Did you read 16? Do you get a prize?). It’s been another lovely year of vintage reading and, even though I don’t seem to comment as often as I have in the past, please know that I’m still following along and loving your reviews! Cheers to the New Year!

    • Thanks you Bev, I’m already hard at work on the two strands of your 2014 Challenge – but of course you are right, I didn’t remember to link to my warp-up post – what a fool! Happy New Year!

  12. 282daniele says:

    Sergio, ti invio domani, oltre al Boileau in prima uscita in Italia (sei delitti senza assassino) anche Seved Dead in edizione italiana, di Farjeon (La casa dei sette cadaveri). Ti basta? 🙂
    Buon Natale a te e Felice anno nuovo

  13. Patti Abbott says:

    One of my favorite places to look for reviews of books and movies. Thanks!

  14. 282daniele says:

    Con te è sempre un piacere.
    Sei una persona davvero dabbene, come si diceva un secolo fa.
    Poi, con uno che fà il tuo mestiere e che ha lo stesso cognome di tua madre, che devi fare? 🙂
    Un abbraccio anche alla tua metà (e se li hai, ai figli).

  15. 282daniele says:

    Il pacchetto con i due libri è partito stamattina. Buona lettura!

  16. Ela says:

    A belated Happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year, Sergio – I’ll be popping in here for more fantastic suggestions of what to read in 2014!

  17. Rod Croft says:

    I regret that I have not contributed much in the way of comments this year, and am a little late proffering my congratulations and good wishes for 2014, but would assure you that I have been reading and appreciating your blogs. Your propensity for quality work is amazing. All the Best !

  18. Your post inspired me to re-read the Hilda Lawrence book, and it is on my blog now, along with a discussion of covers. Thanks for the reminder! http://clothesinbooks.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/xmas-snowman-blood-upon-snow-by-hilda.html

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