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THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR (1956) by Lionel White

This unusual thriller comes in a new volume comprising two previously hard-to-find titles by Lionel White (1905-85) from those very nice people at Stark House Press, the imprint specialising in new and classic crime fiction. White was the king of … Continue reading

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Top 25 TV Detectives

Well, I have been watching the BBC’s new police drama River starring Stellan Skarsgård and Nicola Walker. Whether it will be a one-off or continue I don’t know but I think it is as good as Cracker ever was and … Continue reading

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ROGUE MOYLE by I Retru Grade

Following on from The Bald Bowelero, which I previously profiled here, and Punschi Coins a Spin, now comes the third volume in the series featuring the misadventures of Jewish Irish shamus, Ira Retru Grade. Here’s the blurb: A twin tale of … Continue reading

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WHO IS SIMON WARWICK? (1978) by Patricia Moyes

This smart detective story provides a really entertaining bridge between the Golden era of pure deduction and the modern scientific age. It is based on a classic scenario from popular culture – the long-lost heir of who may or not … Continue reading

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Vintage Mystery Cover Scavenger Hunt 2016

That inveterate Challenge setter Bev Hankin, she of My Reader’s Block, has come up with a new way to goad us vintage mystery fans into reading action! Here’s the plot premise for 2016:

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SLEEP LONG, MY LOVE (1959) by Hilary Waugh

Waugh was one of the founding fathers of the American police procedural, following on from Lawrence Treat and Sidney Kingsley and opening the way to the likes of Ed McBain. His best and most widely read book remains the classic … Continue reading

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MURDER WITHIN MURDER (1946) by Richard and Frances Lockridge

This was the tenth in the long-running series of screwball mysteries featuring Pam and Jerry North, a married couple with (of course) a penchant for solving crimes. He is editing a new book on true crimes and when one of … Continue reading

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