“You wouldn’t have a brother called Luigi van Brux?
“Are you a relation of Girth Brux, the hairless grappler, aka ‘the Belgian Bollard’?”
“You wouldn’t be related to the van Bruxes of Bruxelles, by any chance?”
“The very same.”

Following on from The Bald Bowelero, which I previously profiled here, now comes the next volume in the continuing misadventures of Jewish Irish shamus, Ira Retru Grade. Here comes the blurb:

The trilogy features the same Jewish-Irish wisecracking yarn-spinning shamus and two or three other individuals. The background and character of the private eye and of his Bohemian late mother are built up over the three stories, which are set in the City of Fex, a fictitious mid-European metropolis in the equally fictitious country of Fexacia. This city is viewed as a European melting pot equivalent to New York. The time is indeterminate.

In Punschi Coins a Spin, Grade gets entangled in the illegal trade in antiquities and a food repackaging scam.

A third adventured for Grade, Rogue Moyle, is due shortly.

For further info on the series and other works by their editor, visit: http://theheap-books.co.uk/

If you want to find out more about Grade’s adventures, follow the author on Twitter or download the kindle edition here. You won’t regret it.

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11 Responses to PUNSCHI COINS A SPIN by I Retru Grade

  1. Colin says:

    An Irish-Jewish detective! Sounds delicious and I’m already intrigued.

  2. Margot Kinberg says:

    Oh, this does indeed sound intriguing! And I do like the innovation 🙂 Thanks, Sergio

  3. Sergio, thanks for highlighting this series. Intriguing title and author name.

    • Thanks Prashant – it helps if you are a fan of Joyce and Anthony Burgess I suspect as that is where the very Irish author of these books is coming from 🙂

  4. seamus mcgrath says:

    A blend of Mickey Spillane and Samuel Beckett banter crackles from this mouthy Irish/Jewish shamus. Hire him you won’t be sorry.

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