Fedora’s 2014 in numbers

Fedora will be celebrating its fourth year next month, which seems the height of improbability really … WordPress offers an annual summary of the blog’s activity in 2014, which is interesting if somewhat inaccurate since it does not include my most commented on posts from this year (which were the John Dickson Carr poll and reviews of Maugham’s The Letter, Robert Bloch’s Shooting Star, Ngaio Marsh’s False Scent and Carr’s The Black Spectacles) – none the less, it is interesting to see some of these summaries – thanks so much for visiting all you lovely people out there, wouldn’t be worth it without you.

You can read the report here.


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50 Responses to Fedora’s 2014 in numbers

  1. Colin says:

    Hmm, I can’t see the full report, Sergio – it tells me only site members can access it. I seem to be frozen out. 😦

    • Apologies Colinb – turns out I had to click a button to make it ‘public’ – always something new to learn about WordPress …

      • Colin says:

        Now I see it. 160K visits in a year – yikes! I think my eyes just got a slightly deeper shade of green. 🙂
        That really is most impressive but wholly deserved in my opinion.
        And I see I absolutely blitzed you with comments – I wonder how many were actually on topic!
        Anyway, the happiest of New Years to you.

        • I really enjoyed seeing how we towered in terms of comments in our respective stats – my feeling is that we now have being off-topic down to a fine art mate! Have a great new year.

  2. Santosh Iyer says:

    Same experience as Colin !

  3. Patti Abbott says:

    One of my must-visit sites.

  4. Margot Kinberg says:

    I’m with Patti, Sergio. Your blog is one of my absolute must-visits. May 2015 be good to you.

  5. Congratulations on 4 years of blogging!

  6. le0pard13 says:

    Another fine year, Sergio. Well done and Happy New Year.

  7. Grumble…grumble… I can’t see your report either, Sergio. Never mind. What’s important is that I look forward to reading your terrific reviews in 2015 and beyond. Happy New Year to you!

  8. Same as above, can’t see the report — when you’re viewing it Sergio there should be a button on the top right that says Make Public, I’d make sure that was checked.

    Four years, how time flies! It’s a must-visit site and you had a fine year, looking forward to another fine year in 2015!

  9. Thanks for a year of neat stuff. I look forward to more.

  10. Richard says:

    Yet one more person who gets “Sorry, this report is only visible to members of this site.” when I click the link. I’d sure like to see it. Love the site and visit most days. Thanks and happy new year.

  11. neer says:

    Very impressive Sergio. Looking forward to more in 2015.

  12. neer says:

    And I was very happy to read that India was not far behind. 🙂

  13. Sarah says:

    Congratulations. Here’s to an equally impressive 2015!

  14. Santosh Iyer says:

    Buon Anno 2015 !
    Since you are in Australia, you will experience the new year earlier than us !

    • Not quite – I only visit my family there but I’m based in the UK, Santosh – have a great New Year

      • Santosh Iyer says:

        I know very well that you are based in London. I meant that you are presently in Australia since it is stated above above that this entry was posted in Australia.

        • Just wishful thinking on my part, looking ahead to when the blog actually celebrates it’s anniversary in January, when I will however be in Sydney – I’m in London getting completely frozen for another 10 days however 🙂

  15. Well I can see the report, and I think it’s great – another good mark for Word Press. Fascinating stats, and just increasing my reverence for your blog. Happy New Year, Sergio, and best wishes for 2015.

  16. John says:

    Cheers to you, Sergio! I know you’re not clinking a glass of champagne but when it comes to virtual NYE toasts does it really matter what’s in the glass?

    Looking forward to more insights and revelations in 2015. And a lot less run-ins…if you know what I mean. 🙂 Oh! and enjoy your time in the land of Down Under.

    • Thanks chum for sharing so much goodness with us all 🙂 The land of Oz will be wonderful (9 days and counting before take off) and as you say, let’s hope holidays help everybody keep things in the proper perspective. All the very best for a fiction-filled and very real 2015.

  17. Bev Hankins says:

    Wel-deserved stats, Sergio. Your excellent reviews and tasty tidbits keep us coming back for more. Cheers for a very happy (and bookish) New Year!

  18. Jose Ignacio says:

    Felice Anno Nuovo, Sergio!

  19. Peggy Ann says:

    Congratulations Sergio! I love your blog. I don’t need to look at your stats to know your hit!

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