Vintage Mystery Challenge 2015

Vintage Challenge 2015The unstoppable Bev of My Reader’s Block has launched her 2015 Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge bingo, which like this year’s comes in two flavours: Golden (books or stories published originally up to 1959) and Silver (from 1960 to 1989).

I’m still trying to complete this years challenge, but I will be signing up for both in 2015 – no idea if I’ll make it but it’ll be great trying – do you fancy having a go?

Sign up here

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8 Responses to Vintage Mystery Challenge 2015

  1. tracybham says:

    I’ll be signing up, Sergio. Had a hard time fitting the books I read this year into the categories, but it is too much fun to miss. Plus I love that books from 1960 to 1989 are included this year and next.

    • I agree, Bev’s addition of the Silver age was a great idea, though I must admit as a result of trying to finish both challenges, and having taken off a couple of months from blogging, I am a bit behind!

  2. Sergio, I’m tempted to sign up but I’m not sure about keeping my commitment, which wouldn’t be right. While I read a fair number of novels, I don’t review many of them for lack of time, especially now with more responsibilities on the job front. I enjoy reading novels set in the two periods in Bev’s challenge.

  3. Bev Hankins says:

    Welcome back, Sergio! So glad I can keep it interesting and fun for you.

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