Book to Movie Challenge – quarterly update

BTM2-poster3This year I am co-hosting the Book to Movie Challenge run by Katie over at Doing Dewey. The premise is simple – review both a book and the movie or TV adaptation made from it – there are 5 levels:

Movie Fan – review 3 books and their movies
Movie Devotee – 6 books and their movies
Movie Lover – 9 books and their movies
Movie Aficionado – 12 books and their movies
Movie Auteur – 24 books and their movies

Here is how we have been doing in Quarter 3:

This Summer has been very quiet on the Challenge front, it’s got to be said but among the highlights for the second quarter (July to September) we must include:

For my small torrent of book and film reviews, you can click here (if you dare). They include books (and their film adaptations) by the likes of PD James, Charlotte Armstrong, Raymond Chandler, Agatha Christie, Georges Simenon, Evelyn Anthony, John le Carre and Rex Stout.

To keep up with the reviews as they are posted, click here and if you would like to join up, please do – just sign up over at Katie’s Doing Dewey blog.

Be seeing you …

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10 Responses to Book to Movie Challenge – quarterly update

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Sergio – Thank you for the update. I can’t think of anyone better suited than you to co-host this particular meme. I look forward to more Book/Film posts as the year continues.

  2. Sergio, I’m tempted to join up but I have fallen behind my weekly book and film reviews for Todd’s and Patti’s memes, so I’ll opt out for now. I’m sure as co-host you are going to raise the bar for your reviews even higher than you already have.

  3. Richard says:

    I haven’t done a movie-book read/watch in over a decade, so I guess I’ll stay on the sidelines.

  4. tracybham says:

    I have enjoyed my book to movie reading / viewing very much and have many more planned. My problem is keeping up with anything lately.

    I have a Midsomer Murders review for DEATH OF A HOLLOW MAN coming, and will be doing Monuments Men before the end of the year. I have others I want to do this year; we will see.

  5. I do love films as well as books, but don’t think I’ll be joining in – my time gets used up in other directions. But I do love reading your book to movie reviews, I really really enjoy them, so keep it up please!

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