WordPress awards

3p6iThanks to Colin for nominating Fedora for the WordPress Family Award – I am glad to be able to return the favour and also tip my hat to some of the other fine WordPress bloggers out there (those on other platforms will have to wait your turn), most especially: George, Kate, Katie, Margot, Mike, Mrs P, Matthew, Piero, Richard, Steve, Randy, Rich and Admiral Ironbombs – thanks for making the blogosphere so much more interesting.

  1. Battered, Tattered, Yellowed and Creased
  2. Bradley on Film
  3. The Broken Bullhorn
  4. Confessions of a Mystery Novelist …
  5. Doing Dewey
  6. GeorgeKelley.org
  7. In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel
  8. It Rains…You Get Wet
  9. K.A. Laity
  10. Mrs Peabody Investigates
  11. Not the Baseball Pitcher
  12. Past Offences
  13. Riding the High Country
  14. Vanished into Thin Air
  15. Vinnieh

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26 Responses to WordPress awards

  1. Congratulations, Sergio! You and your blog richly deserve this and any other award that comes your way. Thanks to “you” for making my reading and understanding of books and films so interesting.

  2. Mrs P. says:

    Congratulations, Sergio, and thanks! I really like what this award is celebrating – all those rich interactions which turn us into a kind of family network (and it’s one that I really value).

  3. Margot Kinberg says:

    Sergio – Congratulations on a richly-deserved award! And many thanks for sending the award my way. That means a lot to me coming from a blogger whose work I respect as I do yours.

  4. Colin says:

    Sergio, thanks for giving me the nod again. Your site was an easy pick for me when it came to handing out those nominations – this place is a little cultural paradise.

  5. le0pard13 says:

    Congrats, Sergio. It really is well-deserved. And thanks so much for sharing it my way :-).

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  7. TracyK says:

    You do deserve this award Sergio… You have certainly entertained and informed me with your posts on books and movies. I will check out the other blogs you cited here that I am not already familiar with.

  8. TomCat says:

    Congrats, Sergio! As said by the others, it’s well deserved and your width arrange of subjects within the genre makes my blog look like a shallow pool.

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  10. Kelly says:

    Cool, congrats. I’m a newcomer, but I’m already plenty impressed. If the recognition keeps you writing, I’m all for it.

    • Well, it’s a good way to touch base! I did initially worry that it was something a bit lucky that WordPress was promoting, but there’s a lot of great bloggers out there (even ones not using WordPress – so, will there be I, Spy posts or reviews of the tie-in books by Walter Wager?)

  11. Todd Mason says:

    Randy (and George Kelley, Kate Laity and Richard Robinson) are also eminently worth any nomination you choose to make, as you have in Randy’s case…

  12. One thing that puts your blog at the top for me is the fact that you never fail to respond to a comment. How many other bloggers do that? Thanks and good luck!

  13. Jeff Flugel says:

    Belated congrats on adding another plume to your fedora, Sergio – well deserved!

  14. DoingDewey says:

    Congratulations! I’ve noticed that you’ve built a great community here and am not all surprised you got this award 🙂

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