Ragu in The Smoke

200px-The_Tiger_in_the_SmokeActivity here at Fedora will be decidedly erratic over the next couple of months while I move the ragu (me) out of Caversham (on the Berkshire/Oxfordshire border) and relocate to a temporary abode in The Smoke (London). This will be followed, approximately one month later (ceteris paribus) with a move to another address, this time more permanent. I hope to publish occasional if irregular posts during that time. In the meantime …

Arrivederci (and thanks for the fish)


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48 Responses to Ragu in The Smoke

  1. le0pard13 says:

    Your readers will be here awaiting what ever comes our way, Sergio. Hope all goes well. BTW, did I ever mention ‘The Smoke’ is a favorite nickname of mine for a city.

  2. Margot Kinberg says:

    Sergio – I do hope all goes well. We will be here whenever you get the chance to post. Let us hope your experience is mostly harmless..

  3. TracyK says:

    Oh no, not again. I will miss your posts and will be glad to see whatever you do post. Best wishes for all of your adventures.

    I had been unaware (or forgotten, possibly) that London was called The Smoke. Don’t know what I thought that title for Allingham’s book meant. Until recently, when I read a book called The Smoke (by Tony Broadbent).

    • Thanks TracyK – yes, it’s more of the same! I don’t know how far back the references to the ‘Smoke’ began but until the 1950s it was a very accurate description for the atmosphere in London. It’s improved a bit since then …

  4. westwoodrich says:

    Look out for demobbed psychopaths and shambolic marching bands living in cellars.

  5. Best wishes, Sergio. Take care.

  6. isacco says:

    In bocca al lupo

  7. Sergio, good luck with the house hopping and hope everything works out well and to your absolute satisfaction. I’ll be dropping in regularly to see if you have posted anything and I hope you get some time to do so.

  8. Colin says:

    Wishing you all the best with the moving. It’s always a stressful and mixed-up time. Anyway, I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible.

  9. Skywatcher says:

    Moving house can sometimes feel as if it will never end. But it does—eventually. Good luck, and don’t get lost in the fog.

  10. Patti Abbott says:

    I will miss you terrific reviews but best wishes in your move.

  11. Ray Kolb says:

    I’ve been quietly reading your blog for quite a while. Good luck with the move and hope to get to read more of your reviews in the near future.

  12. Rod Croft says:

    Over here in “Aussie”, the country people call the various capital cities, “The Big Smoke”. All the best and I will be looking forward to your reviews when you settle into your new accommodation.

  13. Mike says:

    Best of luck in your peregrinations. And here’s hoping that your fedora doesn’t gather too much dust.

  14. John says:

    When I hear smeone is moving to a new home I always shudder. How many books will you have to pack? Nightmare of nightmares! Don’t break your back. Hire someone to do it all. Are you lucky enough to have your employer foot the bill? A double dose of luck to you for two moves so close together.

    • Cheers John – yes, I am getting some outside help with the packing but no, all coming out of my pocket – yes, packing the thousands of books and thousands of DVDs (not to mention the hundreds of VHS tapes and LaserDiscs – aaarghhh) – will be worth it in the end (I keep telling myself). Onwards!

  15. Yvette says:

    Oh, sounds like a grand adventure to me, Sergio. I hope it all goes smoothly. Wow, living in London – lucky you. I love that city. Don’t forget to keep in touch and let us know how you’re progressing. Best of luck, my friend.

  16. Yvette says:

    By the way – are you familiar with Tony Broadbent’s books? The Smoke and Spectres In the Smoke? Fabulous crime thrillers set in 1940’s London. There’s a third book I haven’t read yet, but that’s about to change. Shadows in the Smoke, here I come.

  17. Jose Ignacio says:

    All the best Sergio, I’ll be here waiting for your posts.

  18. neer says:

    Not fair! Not fair! How do we live without those excellent reviews of such interesting (but relatively) unknown books and movies?

    All the best. Hope you are able to settle quickly and return to Fedora.

    • Thank you Neer – you’re a pal! I hope the back int eh blogosphere one way or another sometime in May, when I shall have a huge amount of catching up to do with what you will all have been doing in the interim …

  19. piero says:

    Cosa c’entra il pesce? 🙂
    Se hai un minimo di tempo, ti segnalo un mio nuovo saggio breve su The Murder Canary Case di S.S. Van Dine sul Blog Mondadori:

  20. piero says:

    Ti ringrazio per la tua presenza e i tuoi commenti. Dove ti trasferisci? Casa più grande o più piccola? più vicina o più lontana al luogo di lavoro?

    • Ciao Piero – be, in un promo momento da i miei a Londra a poi, se tutto van bene, un mese dopo ad un posto un po piu fuori ma comunque molto meglio per quel che riguardo il tragitto odiurno per l’ufficcio!

  21. piero says:

    Ah, quindi non è come pensavo io! Io pensavo ti fossi trasferito a Londra (mi dicesti assieme a tuo fratello) da solo o almeno in due! Invece ora capisco che fu proprio un trasfetrimento di famiglia: CIOè I TUOI GENITORI PENSARONO BENE DI TRASFERIRSI IN INGHILTERRA! I tuoi lavoravano in qualche società che aveva la sede anche a Londra? Un po’ come fanno i direttori commerciali delle varie aziende che per fare vcarriera devono andare ora qui ora là?

    • Be, no, io e mio fratello siamo venuti a Londra come studenti a ci siano stabiliti qui – Mamma e Papa’ hanno sempre casa in italia ma hanno comprato un posto vicino a mio fratello quando ha cominciato a sfornire bambini! Adesso lui se ne e’ andato in Australia, io sto comprando casa e quindi i miei hanno deciso to trovero un posto piu vicino a Londra un po piu vicino a me visto che tornare in Italia a piu facile da li che da Sydney!

  22. piero says:

    Un caso che riguarda l’Inghilterra all’inverso. Ho incontrato parecchie persone che vengono in Italia dall’inghilterra, e tutte dicono che per gli stessi motivi hanno lasciato l’Inghilterra:
    Donne, Tempo, Cucina. Le donne sono più belle da noi, il tempo è migliore, la cucina ancora di più (chi me l’ha detto più che della cucina era innamorato del vino). Ma che vino si beve da voi? Oppure si beve birra? Un tempo ne bevevo parecchia. mI PIACEVA QUELLA IRLANDESE, QUELLA NERA. RIUSCIVO A MANDARE GIù ANCHE QUELLE DI ALTA GRADAZIONE (sAN nICHOLAUS, bIRRA DU dEMON, ETC..). ORA SEPPURE, RIESCO A BUTTARE GIù LA PERONI. PERò MI PIACE PARECCHIO IL SIDRO. QUANDO LO TROVO, LO PRENDO SEMPRE. LO PEFERISCO AL VINO.

  23. Jeff Flugel says:

    Hey Sergio! Sorry for the belated comment here…just wanted to say I hope you’re settling in just fine to your new (temporary) digs. Am looking forward to the Fedora resuming regular business hours once things settle down in your non-blogger life. Hoping you’ll chime in on ENDEAVOUR at some point…I think it’s been a crackerjack series so far. Best wishes, mate!

    • Cheers mate – I am now back at the office so it’s nice to get away from all the boxes (but I know they are tstill there waiting for me …) – I then get to do it all again in a about a month – I must be mad! I agree, Endeavour has for the most part been a reall success and I hope it returns soon (it won its time slot crucially but the ratings have only been OK, so you never know).

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