Buon Natale 2011

No, this is not a review of the Carter Dickson classic, but it’s a classic snowbound impossible crime story and that seemed good enough reason to include the illustration. This site began back in January and here we are, twelve months and 132 posts later and the year is almost up. What have we learned from the Blogosphere? Well, for one thing, WordPress and Google’s blogger software don’t like each other very much, which is a real pain sometimes! And the TBR pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger … and not having a Kindle is making things less and less accessible with regards to certain authors … and classic movies are being released less and less in the US in pressed edition and only on less durable on-demand DVD-R format which is a shame. But enough of the bah humbug, there have been lots of goodies this year too …

I completed Bev’s 2011 Vintage Mystery Challenge and am really looking forward to next year’s one over at My Reader’s Block. I am also looking forward to remembering more crime and mystery movies for Todd Mason’s Tuesday’s Forgotten Film meme as well taking up Kerrie’s next Crime Fiction Alphabet challenge – I only started in the sixth week this year but then never missed one from F to Z, so I hope to be able to do a complete 26-week run in 2012, if she’ll have me!

This has been a good year for sharing opinions online – it has been a real honour to be able to exchange views with such authors as Bill Pronzini, Ronald Tierney, Margot Kingberg (an exceptional and prolific blogger over at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist) and Fred Zackel, though special praise must go to Mike Ripley, for whom the word ‘indefatigable’ was surely invented and whose column ‘Getting Away With Murder‘ over at Shots is a monthly must.

The PuzzleDoctor over at his In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel and the eponymous hostess of  Mrs P Investigates inspired me to start Fedora and I owe them tremendous thanks. Patrick from At the Scene of the Crime and TomCat from Detection by Moonlight are the toughest of critics and one can only be humbled by the continued energy and enthusiasm for the Gold Age of detective fiction. And anyone who has yet to sample John F. Norris’s fascinating Pretty Sinister Books needs to remedy this right away, while Prashant’s Chess, Comics and Crosswords is endlessly invigorating as are his regular comments on this site. I’ve been covering movies more and more but can’t match the enthusiasm and expertise of Yvette’s … in so many words  and Colin’s Riding the High Country, to which I doff my cap. Jeff Pierce’s The Rap Sheet is also utterly unmissable.  Thanks to you all for making this endeavour so much fun.

I am taking a holiday from the Interweb for the Christmas period to spend lots of time with the family and watch vast quantities of the wonderful Moffat / Smith Doctor Who with my nieces. I will be back (to coin a phrase) in early January – thanks for reading and all the best of the season to all you wonderful people out there in the dark (as Norma Desmond once said) …

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14 Responses to Buon Natale 2011

  1. Have a great Christmas, Sergio. Long may both our blogs continue!

  2. Todd Mason says:

    Glad to have you contributing, atop all the other impressive posts here in TIPPING, Sergio…and if you feel like doing a “forgotten” book formally before January, I’m certainly game to collect those links as well…Patti Abbott being at liberty around the continent, at least, for the next few weeks…

  3. Colin says:

    Merry Christmas Sergio, and thanks so much for mentioning me in your round-up.

  4. John says:

    Have a wonderful holiday of your choosing. Oh to heck with all that PC nonsense – Merry Christmas to you, Sergio! I count myself lucky to include you – a fellow movie addict and crime ficiton fan with such similar tastes – among my blogosphere friends. Truly one of the best things this year was discovering your blog. Here’s to many more fascinating posts and comment exchanges. May 2012 bring us a treasure trove of eye-opening discoveries.

    • All the best mate – thanks for making it such a great year for blogging and making new friends (real and fictional) – but darn that quiz of your was hard!

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  5. Yvette says:

    Thanks for including me, Sergio, you’re a peach. It really was a great blogging year. I, too, am glad I ‘discovered’ your blog – it’s one I visit regularly. I love reading and writing about vintage movies and books.

    Have a great Christmas Holiday. We’ll see you back around these parts in January. 🙂

  6. TomCat says:

    Sergio, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year! May the gift wrappings that cover your presents temporarily conceal all the things your heart desire. 😉

  7. Sergio, it was very thoughtful of you to include my blog in your round-up. Thanks for the kind words too. I enjoy reading your reviews about books and movies and look forward to more eclectic reading in 2012. Here’s wishing you and your family a great year ahead!

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