Sherlock Holmes meets Lisbeth Salander

Well, sort of – Robert Downey Jr returns to the role of Sherlock Holmes and has been cast opposite Noomi Rapace, who played Stieg Larsson’s heroine in the Swedish adaptations of the Milennium trilogy, in Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows (which surely joins the Rathbone and Bruce House of Fear amongst the most dull and generic of Holmes titles).

Jude Law is back as Watson, the amazing Eddie Marsan is Lestrade again and in a great touch Stephen Fry will appear as Mycroft.

It’s not actually out until December, but there’s a preview now available on YouTube … It looks a lot more fun that Downey’s first outing as the iconic detective, even with the highly unconvincing cross-dressing

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10 Responses to Sherlock Holmes meets Lisbeth Salander

  1. Patrick says:

    I actually like this trailer less than the trailer for the first film. What’s with the soldiers? Is this some sort of WWI storyline or something?

    But I see they’re making the “hand-face” bit a running gag…

  2. TomCat says:

    It was last month, when I finally talked myself into watching the Sherlock Holmes movie and surprised myself by not tapping-out before the 30-minute mark, however, that doesn’t mean I liked the movie. On the contrary! The only reason, I can think of, why people were lulled into applauding this movie was that their expectations was rock-bottom going in and were pleasantly surprised to find themselves watching a mediocre movie – which is not something that should be put forward in its favor. Not being the horrific train wreck the trailer envisioned it to be doesn’t make it a good movie by default. Even if we ignore the fair play issues were still left with an unforgivably dull story that failed to translate the atmosphere that should’ve sprang naturally from its plot to the screen. I mean, Here we have a story about a man who was executed and lived to tell about it and newspaper headlines screaming of panic in the streets, but nothing of that robbed off on the viewer.

    The trailer of this movie looks slightly better and more eventful, but I’m not holding my breath and will probably wait for the DVD release. Hitting the stop button on your remote is a lot easier than walking out of a crowded theatre in complete disgust.

    I guess I’m too much of a purist to really enjoy this junk.

    • Hiya TomCat, I do know what you mean but I’m much less of a purist (I love the Rathbone and Bruce movies for instance) but I don’t think the first one was any great shakes, though I do really rate Downey Jr as an actor. In fact I’ll probably go see it just for him, for no other reason than the fact that a few months ago, while walking up Berwick Street market in Soho on my way to the office, and feeling rather sorry for myself as it was a Saturday, I saw a parade of double takes ahead of me as I realised that Downey Jr was in fact walking towards (and eventually past) me – as I got to the top of the road my path was then crossed by the movie’s producer Joel Silver, presumably after watching rushes at one of facilities that litter that part of town – closest I’ve ever been to an A-lister, or two! Has this got anything to do with either the movie or Doyle? Nope, but then if the film works on its own terms then canonical fidelity is not a big issue – I’ve always got the Jeremy Brett series for that!

  3. Patrick says:

    Oh, make no mistake about it- I’ll be seeing this movie, although I can’t fathom the reason for the soldiers or all the explosions in the woods. (While I can see Prof. Moriarty becoming proprietor of a railway company specialising in murders on the side, I can’t see him persuading the army to take Holmes out.) The trailer for the first film at least gave you an idea of what the film would be- and I really, really liked the apparently supernatural events, complete with good atmosphere and some really good action scenes. (The final fight on the unfinished Tower Bridge, for instance.) Downey Jr. and Jude Law played well off each other, Rachel Macadams, always a treat for the eyes, was really good as Irene Adler, and although the plot cheated in several instances, it clued the death by spontaneous combustion extremely well. And as for the problem of how Blackwood escaped death, I read the original script somewhere online and I assure you, the movie’s situation was a major improvement on the banality I read there.

    Basically, I found the original Holmes movie excellent, and since my expectations were for it to be a pile of shi– uh, sheer stupidity, I ended up liking it even more.

    So that sets the bar a little high for the second film. I don’t like the trailer again, even more than the first time because I can’t make heads or tails of the story and the stuff online doesn’t help. But hopefully it’ll be fun.

    That’s my rant for the day, brought to you by the letter Q and by the number 13.

  4. Yvette says:

    I will not be seeing this. HATED the first movie. Although in truth I only watched about a half hour of it before shutting it down and zipping the dvd back to Netflix. This hyperkinetic sort of movie-making is so exhausting. Most especially when the story takes a back seat to special effects which become mind-numbing after ten minutes. I guess I’m showing my age. But all I can think to say about all this is UGH! (And it’s not as if humor carries the day. The damn thing was not funny in the slightest.)

    • Hello Yvette – sorry to bring back such painful memories … But seriously, I know exactly what you mean – I have little to no tolerance for the Michael Bay / Jerrry Bruckheimer school of filmmaking which usually play like two-hour Tv adverts that are utterly incoherent and truly exhausting to endure. Having said that, Downey Jr is a great actor and for that reason I alone I quite enjoyed this movie. There are a dozen Sherlock Holmes pastiches I prefer (and that’s just the ones starring Basil Rathbone) but I must admit I actually quite enjoyed it in the end, albeit in a totally disposable way. I just think it’s interesting that Doyle’s character is so strong that about 125 years it’s still the subject of major Hollywood movies. But I’ll probably be catching this movie on vide too, as I did the first. What’s your favourite Holmes movie? I really like PRIVATE LIFE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES and actually rather enjoyed the Michael Caine / Ben Kingsley spoof WITHOUT A CLUE, which I suppose suggests that I am far from a traditionalists …

  5. puzzledoctor says:

    I doubt I’ll be seeing this in the cinema. The first one is OK, but at the moment, the definitive Sherlock is Benedict Cumberbatch and Downey Jr, good though he is, is nowhere near that level. At best, I expect it to be a decent dumb film, and I tend to save those for DVD.

    • Well, yes, fair enough really – you’ll get no argument from me there- but then, the Moff can do no wrong currently in my eyes. I wish they were making more than 3 a year though!

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