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  1. Lilian Harrison says:

    I am looking for a dvd of the film Call for the Dead based on John Le Carre`s novel of the same name. Can you help

  2. Lilian Harrison says:

    Thank you for your quick reply. I have placed an order with Amazon and look forward to viewing the film. Lilian Harrison

    • That’s terrific Lilian – I’m a big fan of the book and film (I wrote about them here) and would love to know what you make of it. All the best, Sergio.

      • Lilian Harrison says:

        I have watched The Deadly Affair – I haven`t seen it before. I enjoyed the film, but because I am such a fan of Smiley, disappointed that his character was changed to Charles Dobbs. I realise that this is because Paramount `owned ` the Smiley character. The music by Quincy Jones irritated me, taking my attention away from the film`s content, but of course it was filmed in 1966, and `of its time`. I In the book Dieter had a limp and the final scene seemed more sinister because of the fog but I realise films cannot include every bit that suits me. Also in my memories of the Call for the Dead production on television (which I cannot trace – I cannot remember which television station) – Dieter had a limp and the final bit was by the water in fog. Elsa lived and slept, very badly, in an upstairs room, which makes me think I am not imagining seeing this production. In the book it says she and her husband spent most evenings in the upstairs room, probably because Elsa was ill for a few years. Do you have any knowledge of a television production of Call for the Dead? Because I have the dvd sets of Tinker Tailor, Smileys People and A Perfect Spy, these have lots of time to develop characters in Le Carre`s book which films cannot do. I have watched the film version of Tinker Tailor once and do not want to see it again I couldn`t connect the film with the book or the television series. I hope you can understand all this, I seem to darted about all over the place!

        • Hi Lilian, well I know what you mean about the Jones score and the cosmetic changes to the book though fog is nearly impossible to do convincingly so I wasn’t sorry about that change. By comparison the earlier Spy Who Came in from the Cold is much nearer to the original. But a TV version too? I must admit, you’ve got me stumped here – as far as I know there is no TV adaptation of Call for the Dead. The radio version starring Simon Russel Beale is wonderful.

  3. Lilian Harrison says:

    I agree that The film the Spy who Came in from the Cold is true to the book and have heard Simon Russell Beale on radio as Smiley; it seems that all he is involved in is quality. Thank you for your help; I have found a mention online of a tv drama Call for the Dead, produced by Thames Television, which is now Pearson Television, but cannot get any further. Their listings of dramas doesn`t mention it, so I will have to draw a line on that.

    • Interesting though it may be that there is some confusion with the 1991 Thames TV production of A MURDER OF QUALITY starring Denholm Elliot and Glenda Jackson

  4. Lilian Harrison says:

    I have read the book and seen the tv production of a Murder of Quality; I will have to forget about it and perhaps sometime in the future I will have a eureka moment!

  5. Lilian Harrison says:

    Will do – thanks for your help.

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