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Historically Criminal

Here’s a news item from Mike Ripley that I am very glad to re-post here at Fedora as the following event should be of great interest to crime fiction fans who can be in London on Monday 18 February Join … Continue reading

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Ostara Crime imprint launch

There’s some exciting news from Ostara Publishing which I am very glad to be able to help pass on. After three years (and 28 titles) as Series Editor of Top Notch Thrillers, Mike Ripley has taken on the additional role … Continue reading

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Getting Ripped

Mike Ripley, author of the Angel mysteries currently available in print and in ebook format from Telos (, the most recently released of which is Family of Angels, has published his new roundup of crime fiction news and views over … Continue reading

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THAT ANGEL LOOK (1997) by Mike Ripley

The Alphabet of Crime community meme over at the Mysteries in Paradise blog this week reaches the letter T, and my nomination, is …

THAT ANGEL LOOK by Mike Ripley

“I resorted to one of my long-standing philosophical maxims and thought: Stuff this for a bunch of soldiers.”

What can you say about a crime novel in which the hero, despite being bright, articulate, University-educated and a worldly-wise musician, spends most of his time driving a black cab and working as a gopher? That this same protagonist, when he’s not getting pushed around by cops and drug dealers, is also clearly under the thumb of not just his ambitious girlfriend but also completely at the mercy of his vicious pet cat? That this is the kind of novel in which the leading ladies turn out to be either neo-Nazis, witches or Thatcherite scum? Well, for starters, you would have to accept that this is a paradoxical book, one that treats subjects such as racism without levity and yet has a wisecracking laugh-to-page ratio to make most hardboiled wordsmiths envious. Welcome to Angel’s world, which resembles London, England in the 1990s on the cusp of the Internet revolution. Continue reading

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