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In Praise of … MEDIUM (2005-11)

I just finished watching the seventh and final season of Medium, the mystery / supernatural drama starring  loosely inspired by reputed real-life spirit medium, Allison DuBois. It is one of my favourite shows, one of the most consistently inventive and ingenious whodunits … Continue reading

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Fedora’s 400,000 visits

Well, we pause briefly for a minor celebration here at Fedora … Late yesterday this blog sailed past its 400,000th visit, which seems incredible to me – and that’s not including the 113,000 plus visits from spammers (a curse on their … Continue reading

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Buon Natale 2013

This site began back in January 2011 and here we are, three years and 374 posts and 7,500 comments later. So, what have we learned this year?

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The Edgar Wallace Anthology

This is a bit of an indulgence I realise but I just got myself this massive box set and wanted to tell everybody about it … The following overview is offered as part of the Tuesday’s Overlooked Film meme hosted … Continue reading

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SS Van Dine – forgotten author

Does anyone read the rarefied intellectual puzzles investigated by Philo Vance anymore? I have been looking again at this series written and narrated by ‘SS Van Dine’ mainly with great pleasure (and will provide a couple of reviews here at Fedora very … Continue reading

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Raven’s Head Press is launched

Great news reaches us at Fedora – the redoubtable John F Norris of Pretty Sinister Books and Michael Hudson have launched Raven’s Head Press, a new imprint devoted to weird and wonderful crime and adventure fiction. Their motto is ‘Reviving … Continue reading

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WordPress awards

Thanks to Colin for nominating Fedora for the WordPress Family Award – I am glad to be able to return the favour and also tip my hat to some of the other fine WordPress bloggers out there (those on other platforms … Continue reading

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